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Customer Reviews. Great quality. Very durable. TAB 1. Quick View. Berry Red MMD Black MMD Blue MMD Caribbean Blue MMD Green MMD Mint MMD Navy Blue MMD Petrol Green MMD Pink MMD Purple MMD Red MMD Volcano Grey MMD Bright Blue MMD Bright Coral MMD Shocking Pink MMD Blue SA Pink SA Red SA Alu SA Black SA Purple Metallic SA Purple SA Sapphire Blue SA Black Stripe. Blue Aztec. Blue Stripe. Grey Floral. Multicolour Floral.

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Petrol Stripe. Purple Stripe. Raspberry Floral. Red Stripe. Teal Tribal. More Info. Free delivery, excellent quality, color choices, adjustable handles. Pricey, but if it lasts the distance then a great investment. This is our second and third micro scooter purchase. We bought our first one for our daughter, and were so impressed with it, we didn't hesitate in purchasing micro scooters for our twins, when the time arose. We went straight to the Maxi Micros for our 2 year olds and they are both able to handle the scooters well.

Smooth ride, easy to steer, narrow wheel base at the rear so children don't clip their ankles, comfortable, great colours, great accessories. My son received his Maxi Micro Scooter for his 5th birthday and claims it is the best birthday present! He has willingly handed over his Mini Micro still in perfect condition to his little sister and the two of them delight in being able to head off scootering together. The scooters are a great design and when I watch the children scootering with their friends I am so glad we didn't settle for a cheaper two wheeler version. The stability and sturdiness of the Micro scooters puts them in a league of their own.

Design, sturdiness, balance.

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My 7 and 5 year old love their scooters - we started off with second hand micro minis, and after years of use moved the girls up to the maxis. The colour range is great -particularly if you have "pink" and "purple" daughters like mine, and the customer service is fantastic! Light weight, well made, easy to ride. Our 5 year old has a Maxi Micro Scooter and loves it. He rides it to school and all weekend. We couldn't live without it, it even comes on holidays with us.

The wide board is great, the brake works well, he gives it a rough ride and its still working like new.

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Purchased from wassco. My son is 7 and has aspergers.

He has terrible balance. This scooter has allowed him to keep up with other kids and give him confidence in his balance. Thanks so much for the advice, the staff were great on phone and very helpful. Would be great if your company discounted for kids with disabilities Reliable Expensive. Our little boy is just two - previously he had a cheap 3-wheel scooter, and was proficient with it, but not challenged anymore. This micro scooter is designed for older kids I think, but he took to it instantly - and rides it with Dad every evening.

The quality of materials and construction is very good. The wheels and bearings are good quality and the scooter rolls really well. His older brother and the boys next door are envious. I think it will last and will be a favourite for years to come.

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I want to buy micro maxi for my 5yr old daughter. She rides her old scooter to school now. Just wondering if she can ride the maxi scooter on the footpath too as the surface is bit more rough than the cycling track in parks and elsewhere. Hi, My grandchildren rode their maxi scooters on gravel but they couldn't go as fast - depending on the gravel, it could be very slow.

They also rode on our local footpaths which sometimes are not as smooth as could be. He may suggest one type of Micro Scooter over another. My four grandchildren LOVED their maxi scooters - One is 18 so she doesn't use her two wheeler very much, however, her younger brother or his friend use it while he or the friend use the Maxi. Hope this helps. Hi Megs, The Maxi Micro is a very robust and durable scooter that is built to last. It can be ridden on a variety of surfaces, however as Grandmama stated in her response the different surfaces can affect the speeds at which you can travel.

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The wheels of the Maxi Micro and all of our other scooters are made from high quality Italian sourced polyurethane PU which help absorb any lumps and bumps you may ride over to help create a smooth a ride as possible. If you have any other questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us direct at the link below:. I see the ages are for yo. Our almost 3yo is already cm tall would he be tall enough for this scooter or should we go for the mini?? We recommend those ages as a guide - if your child is already a bit of a speed demon, and a bit taller, than go right ahead with the Maxi.

If their balance isn't quite there yet, then you may want to look at the Mini Micro. My son is 3 in April and around cm, so he's tall for his age. Should we just get the most maxi micro instead of the mini? Please help!! We are looking for Christmas. Thank you in advance! I think you should probably get a micro maxi rather than mini. I have 3 boys 9, 7 and 3. It probably also depends on if you have other children or if you can hand down the mini to anyone?

As your son progresses to a maxi. If you are in that situation you could get a mini and he could use it for probably about a year before progressing to the maxi- then hand the mini down. I think most kids by 4 years would have outgrown the mini , particularly as your son is tall. I am sure he will love the scooter- can't get mine off them even in the house! Just measured my littlest one I had no idea! These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview.

Maxi Micro.

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Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Date Purchased Jun Similar opinion? Write a review on ProductReview. Terry AU 2 reviews. Read more The result is my kids love it and have a well-balancing on it. The last 2 weeks they played at the holiday park and without a fall. Date Purchased Nov Other Push Scooters Previous. Mini Micro 4. Micro White 4. Micro Black 4. Micro Rocket 4. Grandmama Camperdown 2 reviews 2 likes. Date Purchased Dec Compare all.

Nicole Seaford 2 reviews. Dounzz AU. Mummy of 3. Micro Sprite 4. Little Nation Scooter 4. Mrs West Los Angeles 2 reviews. SMH Perth. Micro S. Micro Scooters 5 years ago. Hi Kylie, Thank you very much for your kind words and fantastic review of both our product and customer service. Read more If you wanted a scooter of you own to go out with the girls rather than backing over one again! Kind regards, Anthony. Micro Suspension 5. Mini Micro Kick3 Seat 4. Micro Flex 4. Globber One K 4. Tara72 AU. Saltbush Bendigo, Victoria 7 reviews 2 likes.

Megs asked 2 years ago.

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