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I need a 3G phone with no GPS chip, and am thinking about the Nokia , since I already have a prepaid phone on a compatible network. The phone companies retain calling data for when you use the phone calls, text. They retain those records and you can be geolocated when using the phone.

Court cases indicate that they do not retain the ping data. So not only is the record less accurate, if is incomplete, particularly for someone like moi who pretty much never uses a cell anyhow.

Now if you become a Person of Interest as in they have a warrant they can and will keep your ping data too. Moreover, smart phone users almost without exception make vastly more frequent usage of the network, leaving a more comprehensive record. Although I have only searched intermittently on this topic, what I saw was that the intel services not only greatly prefer GPS data, they appeared to be trying to migrate the various intermediaries on focusing on that more in their records retention practices.

By contrast, GPS data is stored on your phone. I have not idea if when you synch with your computer if the default is to store in on your computer. And you act as if the difference in accuracy is a nothingburger when it is significant. See this discussion on reddit:. Even in an urban environment with lots of towers, often the best you can do is a fraction of a square kilometer.

Practically speaking, this means that you can get GPS resolution of a few square meters as opposed to fractions of a square kilometer. Overall, GPS is significantly more accurate. I am looking at a 3G phones reluctantly my current phone has erratic signal in Manhattan and other big cities by virtue of being 2G. Apparently, you can just get yourself a bag of Lays, dump the chips in the nearest dumpster and keep your phone in the bag. Worked for this guy:. LTE current 4G instantiation provides data, and may or may not provide voice directly depending on the way it is set-up.

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Telecom operators worldwide are slowly phasing out 2G to reuse the freed wireless bandwidth for 4G. In some places, decommissioning took place unexpectedly: the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten was devastated by hurricane Irma, and the decision was taken not to repair the 2G network but to replace it with 4G. It looks as if many 2G networks will cease operating around If you look for a entry-level device, or buy an old phone, select one which features at least 3G.

Thank you for the explanation. You can live forever and place phone calls without any of these. When, for instance, you switch off 2G and reuse the corresponding frequency band for 4G, there is no way a 2G-only device will be able to operate any longer: the signalling and transfer protocols no longer work because the indispensable network elements are no longer there to connect to.

When, for instance, you switch off 2G and reuse the corresponding frequency band for 4G, there is no way a 2G-only device will be able to operate any longer: the signalling and transfer protocols no longer work because the indispensable network elements are no longer there to connect to, and the 4G network elements use different protocols and signals.

Absolutely not true. My phone is 2G and I have no signal in my apartment, about half of Manhattan, and have difficulty getting signal in places like San Francisco and Boston. This is the result of the 2G phaseout. The newer protocols are much more efficient at using radio spectrum and carriers can free up capacity by migrating frequency bands from 2G to 4G. The number of people unable to use anything but 2G is too small to matter. Nissan has offered to replace the built in 2G modem with an updated version at no charge. For some reason I keep neglecting to do so. With face, voice, license plate and other automatic recognition systems, avoiding location tracking is a losing battle.


My half-serious theory is we should maximize said breadcrumbs — rather than hide it, swamp the idiots with data. There are a couple of vendors System 76 comes to mind who now ship laptops with ME disabled, but those need seeking out. Plus it appears that at least if you buy them in bulk, you can get certain ruggedized Dell laptops with the ME disabled also. Here is an idea. If you are an activist or somebody who wants to make difficulties with these companies snooping on you, buy an an Amazon Echo and put it in a room away from you with the door shut.

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Then put something next to it that plays pre-recorded random messages for awhile, and then see what Amazon or Google tries to do with personalized ads. If you get a large group of people to do this at once, I can imagine it will cause Amazon and Google at lot of migraines in terms of trying to create an accurate profile of the owners of these devices. I could see some serious potential for trolling the data overlords!

You bring up an important point and that is intentionally polluting the data collection stream. What happens? It shows two men in the cockpit if an airplane heading into the side of one of the old Twin Towers. That is a very dangerous idea—to you, not the data stream.

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Think SWAT teams showing up at your house in the middle of the night. I brought this idea up to a friend who is also a programmer. Why not have my smart phone call random numbers periodically throughout the day? Same for my browser, only websites? Sounds like a good idea on the surface, he responded, but the watchers at Goggle or Amazing will easily be able to filter out random noise, in fact they surely already do.

How fitting that Echo from Greek mythology was a nymph that fell in love with Narcissus and whose parroting led his death.

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For a narcissist, an Amazon Echo is a gift from the Gods, and one that will satisfy their narcissistic ramblings until fate arrives. Faraday pouches can be had at Academy Sports, that I know of with certainty.

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There, I have seen them on an aisle adjacent to camping supplies. I bought and tried anitstatic bags represented as having protection. I put the cell phone in and called it. No protection. Shoplifters have tried this before to defeat electronic anti-theft devices. So, for me, no sticky fingers. I believe that you should turn off your phone as well. This ongoing project is an exploration in how modern technology can transform a traditional and tactile craft into modern functional art without abandoning the inherent pleasures of handcrafted products.

Many of us have become accustomed to identical mass-produced goods, but Libs believes many of us also crave personalized objects that communicate our individual identities. I love not knowing what the composition will look like until the Processing tool renders the image on-screen.

There are millions of possible combinations and each one is unique. I love travelling, exhibiting my work and speaking about what I do. If you're interested in having me speak or exhibit at your event, or if you'd like information about commissioned work, you can contact me directly at the email below. Each course takes one or two weeks of full-time work. The curriculum also covers a wide range of social issues in tech: outward-facing issues like algorithms that reinforce human bias and discrimination, and tech community issues like representation and exploitation of racial minorities, women, and LGBTQ people in the workplace.


Rather than shunt these lessons into a separate module that students might ignore, App Academy laces them throughout its coding courses, presenting them as the essential career lessons that they are. App Academy Open Home page. He currently runs the scripted comedy podcast "Roommate From Hell.

gizmodo deals coding Gizmodo deals coding
gizmodo deals coding Gizmodo deals coding
gizmodo deals coding Gizmodo deals coding
gizmodo deals coding Gizmodo deals coding
gizmodo deals coding Gizmodo deals coding

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