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We were able to run our route without fear of slipping and falling. Just as advertised, there was no uncomfortable feeling for our feet or legs. Terri from Pennsylvania : First, I'd like to say that I couldn't believe that your product was delivered so quickly! I tried them out this morning; I went through snow, hard slush, ice and wet pavement and never slipped once!

Thank you for an awesome product! Jan from New Hampshire : Hi, I just received your Valentine's email which reminded me to write a recommendation. I first used the Icespike Jan. I go for regular group walks with other seniors Mon. Most of our walks are in a wooded conservation area. I tried the Stablicers Light but was disappointed as they would slip side-to-side and felt very insecure. The chunks of rubber with the spikes under my feet gave me the feeling of being "perched.

I could afford them especially since the price included the shipping and the concept seemed much better. In fact, I was surprised it was so basic; so simple. I already had the tools so I didn't need to get them which made the price even better. I have to say, they are fantastic. They are everything that was claimed. I have the comfort of the hiking boots that I so enjoy without altering their stability.

It's amazing.

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I sometimes forget that they're even on until I step on pavement and hear the clicking sound. This past weekend I went to Biddeford , ME and I took my hiking boots with the spikes on them as I didn't know whether or not I would need the spikes. I didn't so it only took a few minutes to take the spikes off I brought a power driver with me. I am 61 and live alone so I certainly don't want anything to keep me from being independent.

An injury could be disastrous. That is much less likely to happen now with the Icespikes.

If I hadn't found the Icespike I probably wouldn't be able to go on the winter walks. Thanks so much. Paul Grant from Sweden: : Dear Keith, Firstly, I would like to thank you personally for your assistance regarding my purchase of Icespikes. These days most customers expect an automated response of which can be problematic for new or existing clients. I am thrilled to see Icespike adopting a personal one on one approach with their customers. Personally, I think this part of business can make or break a company.

I know many cliental including myself regard this a key factor in deciding if they should ordering another product from a company or not.

Secondly, I would like to praise Icespike for its punctuality regarding ordering and dispatching of the Icespike product. In regards to the actual product, I have just installed Icespike into my boots. I found the installation process to be very easy. However, I would like to make a couple of suggestions you perhaps would like to take into consideration.

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Please take the following as constructive criticism rather than a negative one. Perhaps instead just insert four simple steps on the left-hand side and use illustrations instead of photographs. This would make it easier and less congested for your customers. Once again these are only suggestions and they are aimed to give you positive feedback. I live in Sweden where weather conditions during the winter time can be harsh.

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Most days can vary between 14 to Fahrenheit which is about to Celsius. Today I tested my new Icespike in all different types of walking terrains. I can honestly say that until now going outside was a cautious event especially when walking the dog. I tested your product on thin and thick ice, soft and hard snow, even and uneven terrain. You have a great product and as long as you are consistent I know you can take Icespike to unlimited success!!!! There are about nine million people in Sweden and even if at least half of that population purchased Icespike 4. I really think you should consider targeting the Scandinavian countries.

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This ornament hanger really looks like Christmas! These sterling silver Christmas ornament hangers feature a beautifully textured glass bead as their focal point.

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There is a red and a green hanger in the set of 2 as pictured. The center glass teardrop bead is 20x10mm with raised white accent swirls.

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For accent beads, we have used coordinating handmade red and green "crow" beads and white Druk perfectly round beads. A US flag hanging on our peppermint ornament hanger on our Christmas tree. This is a set of 2 sterling silver ornament hangers. Each hanger has two 16x10mm red and green oval glass beads with white spirals.

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This is so cute! This hand-crafted sterling silver Christmas ornament hanger has three 12mm Bohemian glass fish on it. You can see inside of the fish beads - it even looks like bubbles going around. The back fin is green and the lips are red. The fish beads are accented with 6mm turquoise-color Cat's eye beads fiber optic glass beads. This is one of our limited edition designs - we only have 2 left!

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