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Find high quality vaping devices based on nicotine level, vape pen style etc. Reimagine Vapor. Up for auction are 2 coupons for a free Vuse Solo and a free Vuse Cartridges I believe these are refills for the solo. You can pick from original or menthol flavors I believe. Enjoy the latest and up-to-date Vuse coupon codes and deals for instant discounts when you shop at vusevapor. Seize your opportunity to save with each Vuse promo code or coupon. Please send me a new one. Vuse cartridge refills run out sooooooo quickly. They claim they are each about a pack but that is total crap. They only last for about as long as 5 Camel or Marlboro cigs.

Thank goodness I got my initial product for free. I rolled barkies as a teenager out of notebook paper that were smoother than this thing… horrible. I use the original and the flavor fluctuates from straight nicotine to a smoky chocolate flavor probably due to the food-grade smoke is stronger than the nicotine in some cartridges. Duration depends on your smoking habit.

You will have to create an account at vusevapor to get any information there or order accessories. They are really helpful and do actually answer their phone with an informed person and not an automated answering system. Just tried this product yesterday. It sucks. I nearly coughed for 2 hours. I thought my lungs were burning. Got a coupon in the mail so I picked this thing up along with two extra cartridges.

It kind of tasted like a soldering iron smells anyway. These taste like mildew smells. I was happy to try it out, but I will not be buying any in the future! What DID, though, was attaching in a previously used cartridge, attempting to inhale from it at which point it flashed only red , and then trying the known good cartridge again. I think alot of the people bad mouthing the vuse are paid to do so or arent very bright.

I bought two starters. Both work great. Ill admit i didnt care for the tobacco flavor but the menthol is amazing. Havent bought a pack of cigs since. Each cartridge lasts a full day except one time a cartridge ran out to quick. They are way cheaper than cigs and totally satisfy my cravings and actually ruined cigs for me.

Vuse is an incompetently manufactured failure. The cartridges have to be snapped onto the battery tube, rather than screwed on. The act of snapping the cartridges into the battery tube causes the cartridges to become damaged, and they will not work, even though they are newly-purchased and full. The way this is signaled is that the battery tube flashes red and white — which is supposed to mean the battery tube needs to be recharged. When a cartridge is legitimately empty, the battery tube flashes only white.

So, at least a third of brand new cartridges will get damaged while being snapped into the battery tubes — and the battery tubes react by falsely indicating that they need to be charged red and white flashes. Newly-purchased cartridges have to be throw away because of being damaged during insertion into the battery tube. I have two of these and neither of them will take a charge after first time use!

Your better off buying a Vaper unit and filling it. Not a Pack per filter. That is when they work. Have had 5 New ones not even work after placed on the fully charged battery. WAIST of money. You do the math and your really paying out the!!! Just got one from a friend and it apeared pretty decent for the price. I wish all e cigs would use liquid instead.

I really love the Vuse. I have many problems with the units and the cartridges. I have called numerous times and the people taking my complaints are very nice. They send out coupons, but every time I use them there is something that causes either the cartridges or the unit to quit working when it is charged. I am done messing with Vuse! Used to love this product, but now the refills cost more than cigs and last for like 45 minutes. I moved on to a better vapo sold at my local headship that is 10 times better and also costs less.

I have smoked since I was 13 yrs old.. I am now 34… I for one love smoking and have never intended on quitting.. But, recently I began working out and weight training.. So there I was working out and at the end of my training whats the first thing I do..

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Lite up a cigarette.. I went with the VUSE hoping it would sway my cravings.. I never thought I would really totally quit but Yeah, I have!! I owe alot of that to Vuse.. But yeah, Thanks for the help!!! On my way to a New Life Style!!!

I have charged it off the tower of my desktop and on the charger provided and still have the same results. I have taken slower shorter puffs with poor results. I will not ever pay for this product. I will however replace my mod battery as it is consistent every time. I have limited mobility in my hands and the filter is very hard to get on and off the battery. The battery is very hard to get on and off the charger. The blinking lights are not consistent with the instructions…yet sometimes it is…. Not a product I will ever spend money on.

This would be the best ecig on the market if the refills actually lasted. One Blu or Logic refill is about vuse cartriges. You will need about cartiges per day which is like 20 dollars. I got a free coupon in the mail to try vuse. Hi my name is Daniel Wallace I have been smoking for two yea I has try everything to stop until I find this I really want to try it out befor I speen money on it.. How can I get free coupon.. Can u help me out??? Some cartridges are defective and when I have called Vuse they say they will send coupons.

I know how batteries work so I bought 3 starter kits so 2 are always charged. The product for the most part is great the follow thru on defective cartridges is disappointing.

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Sorry folks…enough nonsense. Vuse suck, plain and simple. AWFUL taste…absolutely ass-munch terrible taste. Really really looked forward to Vuse but they suck…value AND taste. So my wife received coupons in the mail for a vuse ecig, I have to say its so far a decent product. The vuse has a decent taste, almost like cloves, but in a good way. This e-cig is the worst of them all! If I were to actually pay for this e-cig, I would have been ripped off. Took it home with a coupon and tried it. Took two puffs and the thing was done. Thank God I didnt spend any money on it. What a rip off. Also used other kinds of e-cigs.

VUSE, by far is the best. I could not have stopped smoking without THIS e-cig. I was a pack a day smoker, a cartridge last me 2 days now. Sorry for such a long review but clearly I had a lot to say! My son got me 2 packs of filters for my birthday march 12 here it is march 14 all dead not even 2 days 4 dead. Ok…soooo charging this thing…is an absolute JOKE!! They ALL do it!! I bought this for my mother so she could use it in the house without bothering others.

Extremely disappointed. First pull and I actually coughed. I was on nicorete Patches week one but they burned my skin, so I heard about vuse,and if u use their website. I kicked in 5 extra bucks for 2 refill cartridges. I just finished original package cartridge. This product is virtually unusable.

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What I have experienced from Vuse, for all of you smokers who have once made the mistake of inhaling a cigar, it locks up my throat and is nowhere a replacement for a regular cigarette. Avoid this product even if they give it to your free. I picked up a VUSE at 7-eleven used it until it needed to be charged.

When I charged it and tried to use it again,it blinked red and white and will not work anymore. Is this a common problem? Is there a fix?

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I saw this in an earlier post, maybe it will help you. Vuse, cigs are great! This product is not the best product. I have gotten defective cartridges numerous times. It is not a product I would recommend to anyone. I would recommend using the liquids. The test is good and I liked it at first but the charging is extremely annoying. If you open a cartridge it will go on fresh and not be usable within two days.

Good luck everyone trying to stop smoking real cigarettes and go to the electronic technology version of healthier. Bought one of your packages of Cartages and went to use it It was emty I know the battery part was fully charge so wasted my money. The berry flavor taste the best but every once in a while it taste like burnt plastic.

I usually chalk it up as a 3. Very happy with the VUSE. I love my vuse but buy 2 refills a day and you never have refill coupons or anything and they are 6. I love vuse vapor. Great item! I stopped smoking with it. Or even a small order please contact me! My first unit was bad right out of the package, but I was able to do an exchange at the gas station where I purchased it. So far, the new unit is working fine. I have a special kind of herb like tobacco and it subdue sugar level in the body, dries fat in our stomach, reduces waist pain,frees the bowel, relieves alcohol drunkenness, and relieves heart burn and finally its has no nicotine in it.

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